Oxygen (O2) Gas and Liquid

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Medical Gas

Specification of Oxygen (O2) Gas and Liquid

Oxygen (O2) Gas and Liquid

Oxygen is an element that is at a temperature and pressure gaseous atmosphere. The content of oxygen in the air less than 20% by volume. Oxygen gas having oxidizing properties and can be enlarged fire. Oxygen can be used as auxiliary raw materials in the steel industry, glass, Ethylene Oxide, as medical gas / rescue breathing, used in cutting welding, handering, and others.


• The chemical formula: 02

Chemical Properties

• It is a non-flammable substance.

• It helps the fire.

• Changing Oxygen / oxygen

• Physical Shifat

• Colorless

• Odorless

• Do not have a sense of

• Molecular weight: 31 9988 g / mol

• Gravity Specifications gas (21, 11º C, 1 atm): 1, 1053

• Boiling point at 1 atm. : - 182, 92º C

• Critical Point: - 118, 38º C, 50, 14 atm.abs

• Density (21, 11º C, atm): 1, 3265 gr / 1

• Triple Point: - 218, 799º C, 0.00145 atm.abs

• Danger

• Easy to cause fires and explosions, if it reacts with the fuel or flammable substances.

• In liquid form if exposed to the skin can cause severe burning and damage to body tissue.

• Harmful if inhalation of pure oxygen in large quantities.

• Gas Oxygen in bottles of high bertekaan steel.

• Safety

• Keep oxygen from oil, grease and substances other flammable.

• Keep oxygen from fire and sparks.

• In forbids the use of fire as a substitute for compressed air.

• Do not be permitted to move oxygen from the steel bottle steel bottle to another.

• In forbid using oxygen as a buffer cylinder or roller.

• In bans alter or remove any signs that used for clues contents.

Removal and storage

• Close the steel bottle must be closed

• Not to be in the drop, bump into each other, received the shock, and dragged (especially tube contents).

• Lowering the bottle daja of the truck must be given a wooden or rubber pads.

• Displacement boto should use the stroller, dmana steel bottle in an upright state.

• Storage

• Do not store oxygen steel bottle near flammable materials.

• Do not store oxygen steel bottle near the source of the fire and other heat sources.

• Storage of empty steel bottles and bottles containing should be separated.

• Steel Bottles should be stored in a safe place to vibration or other causes which lead terjatuhnya steel bottle.

• Close the valve should always be installed properly.

• Steel Bottles should be stored in a dry room with good ventilation and kept away from the substances that are kososif.

• Steel Bottles should be stored in a dry and vetilasi good and kept away from the substances that are corrosive.

• In all the empty steel bottle storage valve should be closed.

• Action Storage

Action to be taken in case of fire are as follows:

• Fast valve cap on the bottle steel

• Clear the area, then put out the fire.

• Spray water on the bottles of the existing steel around it so cold.

• If exposed to liquid oxygen in the body, flush with water as soon as possible.

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