Nitrogen (N2) Gas And Liquid
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Specification of Nitrogen (N2) Gas And Liquid

Nitrogen (N2) Gas And Liquid

Nitrogen is an element that is at a temperature and pressure gaseous atmosphere. Nitrogen in the air less than 79% by volume. Nitrogen gas having inert properties. Nitrogen gas is widely used as material flow testing, calibration, plastic forming, purging,


1.1. Chemical formula: N2

1.2. Chemical Properties

• is an inert gas

• Do not burn

1.3 Physical properties:

• Colorless

• Odorless

• Do not have a sense of

• Molecular weight: 28 0134 g / mol

• Specific gravity of gas (21, 11o, 1 atm): 0, 9669

• Density (21, 11oC, 1 atm): 1, 161 g / 1

• Boiling point at 1 atm: - 195, 8oc

• Point triple: - 210, 0 ° C, 01238 atm. Abs

• Critical Point: - 146, 89oC, 33, 54 atm. Abs

2. Hazards

• Causes choke (Asphyxiant) at high concentrations.

• Nitrogen Gas in bottles of high-pressure steel.

• In liquid form if exposed to the skin can cause severe burning and damage to body tissue.

3. Safety

• Keep away from sources of ignition steel bottles and fireworks.

• Do not alter or remove any signs that used for clues contents.

• In disallow use of nitrogen as a buffer steel bottle roller.

4. Moving and Storage


• Close the steel bottles should be closed.

• Not to be in the drop, clash with one another, receiving the shock, and dragged.

• Lowering the steel bottles of the truck must be given a wooden or rubber pads.

• Removal of steel bottles should use the stroller, in which steel bottle in an upright state.


• Do not deviate Nitrogen steel bottle close to the flame and other heat sources because it will result in increasing pressure in steel bottles.

• Storage of empty steel bottles and bottles containing steel must be separated.

• Steel Bottles should be stored in a safe place to vibration or other causes which lead terjatuhnya steel bottle.

• Close the steel bottles should be installed properly.

• Steel Bottles should be stored in a dry room with good ventilation and away from substances that are corrosive.

• In a steel bottle empty save all valve must be closed

• storage place in a set of protective devices provide heating.

5. Rescue Measures

* Against the danger of suffocation:

• Move the victim to place free valve.

• Give CPR.

• Bring kerumahsakit nearby.

• Against leakage steel bottle.

• Move to the place of steel bottle open

• If exposed to liquid nitrogen in the body, flush with water as much as possible.

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